What is the EIC Advocacy Fund? Different from EPAC, the amounts donated to this Fund are used to pay for certain political activism costs that are not allowed to be paid by EPAC - Escrow Institute of California Political Action Committee Fund, pursuant to its mandate.

What have we used this fund for?

  • Our endeavors to lobby State as well as National issues that concern our industry
  • National advocacy re: working under Dodd Frank Act and TRID
  • National advocacy re: vetting by unregulated entities
  • Travel, printing, postage in pursuit of our endeavors
  • Legislative Day costs
  • National Advocacy re: the FINCEN Geographic Targeting Order.

Events and issues that will impact our industry continue year to year, as evidenced by the many legislative bills that make it through the State Legislature and are reviewed by your Government Affairs Committee. Whether the market drops or rises, the issues that affect us will always need our immediate action to support or oppose.

We need your help now to replenish our advocacy account. Click on the QR code and make a “deposit” towards the future of your business!

Thank you for your support!

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